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Welcome to New Paradise Found! We hope you enjoy your time here. Hope your time here is Paradise Found!
Paradise Found has been running since May 2004. We are a family shard and have players from all over the world.

Server address Paradiseuo.com port 2593
We use client version 7.0.50

Our server is dedicated in a large server farm in Texas (faster than a Black Lich throwing Fire Balls!).


  • Stats Cap is 300, 325 with a Stat Scroll.
  • No PvP, PvP on Paradise Found is consensual only (see the shard rules here)
  • There is no Skill Cap
  • Custom Training Oasis. There are no Skill Gates nor Free Arties. Please come if you like building your character. Please come if you enjoy working for what you have.
  • Many custom Areas such as the: Artifact House, Auction House, Event Center, Home Showcase, Hue House, Paradise Mall, Player vendor mall, Rune Library, Taste of Paradise and more!
  • There are 10 fully spawned facets including Ter Mur and Valley of Eodon. Each facet with it's unique challenges and rewards.
  • We recently added an old facet. Trampast is as it was long ago. Runic crafted items are the best you can get. No uber items nor uber creature. The way it was many many years ago.
  • Many custom Quests
  • Many new creatures and Armor sets for the Hunters .
  • Terragon Monster system
  • Paradise Found was made with the Home builder in mind. Tons of special deco and use of an Interior Decorator and a Yard Wand up to 10 tiles from the house base. Presently we have 1175 houses and room for many more. Special areas for large guild towns.
  • Many addons and rare items for the Home Builder. New items are being added regularly.
  • New ores, woods and leathers for the Crafters
  • Many Storage containers, chests, crystals etc. available
  • Custom Plant system
  • Platinum and Silver rewards
  • Custom Evolution Pets
  • Unique Ninjitsu Mirror Image ability!
  • Mysticism skill and unique Imbuing system for enhancing your armor, weapons or jewelry.
  • Experienced, Mature and Dedicated Staff
  • Friendly and helpful players from all around the world
  • TeamSpeak server for Paradise Found. You will need to ask in-game for the password. TS is limited to only Paradise people. For more information read this Forum post

Who's Haazen?

Haazen runs this shard to give people a place to have fun & play. The shard is still evolving and new ideas are constantly being bandied about to improve your playing experience here. We are here by his generousity of opening his PC to us, show him the respect he deserves for the time he puts into this shard. Take the time to appreciate all that he does and always keep an eye out here... you never know what you may find :)

Have fun!