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I'm new where do I start?

Please read our New Player's Guide, it contains some basic and very useful things you should know when you first arrive here.

Where is the skill gate?

There are no Skill Gates in Paradise Found. We have a custom Training Oasis. You may use programs such as Razor and EasyUO to train your skills.
Religio has made some super EasyUO scripts for Paradise Found here.
You can use a Skill Ball to raise any skill you choose to use it on.

Is AFK Macroing allowed?

This is an acceptable behavior on Paradise Found for skill gains only, however it is asked that you do not run macros near areas where you may interrupt other players.
AFK Macroing for gold or resource farming is not acceptable at any time.
AFK training of pets is not allowed.
Please read the rules here (AFK macroing= running a Razor macro or a script while you're away from your keyboard).

Is there a list of user commands?

Paradise Found has many commands that are unique to our shard, see them here.

I'm a new player, which quests can I do?

Paradise Found has many quests. Good starters quests are: Foghorn Master Sailor, Armor Totalizing Command and Haazen has Lost His Marbles.
A list of all quests can be found here.

What is the stat cap?

Total stat cap on Paradise Found is 300, 325 with an Ultimate Scroll of Power (can be purchased at the Paradise Mall) and 340 with a Stat Cap Scroll (Can be purchased from the Paradise Store).

What is the skill cap?

There is no skill cap. You can raise all your skills to 100, up to 120 with Power Scrolls. Some items such as the The Cloak of Sir Kenshin will add properties which go over the 120 skill cap.

Is PK, PVP or stealing allowed on this shard?

Non consensual PVP is not allowed here in Paradise. Two players deciding to duel may do so outside of towns. A player deciding to look for another player out in the world to kill is not an acceptable idea. Violators of this rule will be punished (PK=Player Killing, PVP=Player vs Player combat).
Snooping, stealing, and other offensive actions to other players within the realm of Paradise Found is NOT permitted. If you are asked to stop and do not you will be dealt with accordingly.
Please read the rules here.

Can I have more than one account?

Players are allowed ONE account and ONE character ONLY.
If more than one account is needed for a single IP / household, you must contact Admin to create the additional account. Please read the rules here.
You can get a second account for yourself when you have GM'd all your skills (see below).

When will my inactive account be deleted?

Usually inactive accounts are deleted 1 year from the last login. There are various exceptions since each case is evaluated by staff.

Below is reported a complete answer on this matter from Damara, PF Administrator:

Since Paradise doesn't do IDOC (In Danger Of Collapse) like UO shards, we do have the server set up to notify me when a player has become inactive. Once a player hits the shard's maintenance list (the delete list if you prefer), I look for any pre-existing reason why that account shouldn't be deleted (military assignment, long-term hospitalization, financial difficulties, PC died and must wait until xxxx to replace it, divorce, etc.). Most accounts will be deleted after one year inactivity, with only a few exceptions previously listed. If you created an account for less than one hour, I may delete your account at six months. The reason for the shorter time is that it actually benefits the player to begin anew with new training weapons and [Young] status timers.

I spend a lot of time on maintenance when it's due. I search for all attached accounts (don't want to delete one family member and leave five others) and check all their last log-in dates. I check the inactive player's house to see if they have a book locked down to explain their absence. I check my emails. I check the forum private messages to me. I go to the house, and pull up the player to see if it's a newbie lookie-lou who was here for 3 days and never came back or if they've played for a year or more and have a lot of items, skills, donation items, evos, etc. If the player is nude or just in a robe and they've given all the good items away, they're gone. (And y'all best hope you aren't talking to me while I'm in the process of deleting. We once had a mistake and deleted an active player instead of a gone one and we had to quickly crash the shard to return them. When you have tiny print and it's close together, it's easy to hit line 4 instead of line five, especially if you sneeze at the wrong time. So if I say I'm busy deleting, you don't want to keep chatting with me.)

Once the player's account is gone, everything associated with them is gone also. The one exception to this would be a player vendor they may have had at the player vendor mall. So, if they are no longer on your guild roster, then they are probably gone. If they are still listed on your roster and their last log-in date was over a year ago, there may have been a reason they were extended. My extensions are for an additional six months. Military personnel will get two extensions since many tours-of-duty are for two years and we don't want to penalize them for doing their service for our country and being in an area they cannot log in.

How can I get more than one house?

To have another house you can either raise all your skills to 100 (GM) to get a second account or purchase an Additional House Deed from the Paradise Store.
Gargoyles are not required to GM Archery and Humans and Elves are not required to GM Throwing.

Can I have two houses attached?

If you want your houses attached please contact staff to do that for you.

Where can I download the custom hues?

Are you seeing ugly spotted colors? You can download our new Hues.mul, where the ugly colors have been replaced with new pretty colors.

Where can I download UOAM or UOCartographer?

You can download the programs: UO Auto-Map (UOAM for short) and UOCartographer at this article: Map Utilities.

How can I make better armor or weapons?

Paradise Found has a unique Imbuing system for enhancing your armor, weapons or jewelry to fit your needs.
A list of Attributes Caps can be found here.

What are equipment slots?

Equipment Slots refer to the types of items that a player can wear at one time. There are 19 slots, which can contain mainly jewelry, clothing, and armors.

How can I get a Player Vendor?

You can have a Player Vendor placed in the Player vendor mall, Petting Zoo or at your house.
You have to contact staff to place a vendor for you.

Where can I get Justice?

Buccaneer's Den is a good place to get Justice points (a minimum of 4000 justice points is required to be able to protect at champs)

Where can I find T-Maps archives?

There are great T-Maps archives on Stratics and Tower of Roses.
There is also an archive specifically made for the custom Paradise T-Maps.

Do we have BOD rewards?

On Paradise Found we have BODs involving two crafts: Blacksmithy and Tailoring.

Where can I find an Evolution Dragon?

We have many Evolution Pets such as: an Evolution Dragon, Mercenaries, Torditsaron Kit, Evolution Hound and Evolution Tree.

Where can I dye my items?

The gate for the New Hue House is south of the Gatehouse in Brit and is blue. You can follow the "Wet Paint" from Brit bank to the gate.

Where can I buy an Interior Decorator tool and a Yard wand?

You can buy the Interior Decorator tool for 10,001 gold from an architect NPC (carpenter shops).
The Yard Wand can be bought for 12,000 gold at the vendor stone near Britain Bank Felucca.

Do I need to eat and drink here?

Paradise Found has a Hunger and Thirst System.

How do I lock my Karma?

You can lock your karma at an Ankh. More info on Fame and karma and player's titles here.

Where did my Parrot go?

Before you go into Customization Mode of your house, make sure you have retrieved your Parrot from his Parrot Perch first. Otherwise he will be gone. To retrieve your parrot equip an axe and chop the Perch, the parrot will fall on the floor and the Perch will be re-deed in your backpack.