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Paradise Found is a helpful place! Any questions you have about the shard, the forums or the wiki will be answered if at all possible!

Game-related help

  • Paradise Found Homepage - There is lots of assorted information here, such as rules of behaviour when playing, to quest info and screenshots of unique items.
  • Paradise Found Forums - Lots of questions have been answered here in the past, have a look through the posts and see if you can spot something that will help you. If you dont, feel free to post as we all like to help others!

Wiki-related help

  • Basic help - This will hopefully introduce to you the basics on making your wiki experience a more enjoyable and productive one.
  • Editing help - Feel like contributing? This is the place to go for a rundown on how to edit pages, and all the funky little things you can do with your text, like headers, bullet points, sections and so on.
  • Image formatting help - This section will cover everything you need to know about images, and beyond. Also, you are encouraged to see at sources at PFWiki well formatted pages as example.
  • To experiment with editing, use sandbox. Anything added here will be deleted on a regular basis.