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What you need

To connect to Paradise Found, you will need these tools:

  • UO Classic client - download it here (
  • Razor - download it here
  • Paradise Found custom hues.mul patch


Step 1: Install UO client

  • All instructions are provided on that page. Please double check, triple check, that you click on CLASSIC client and NOT Enhanced client which will not work on free shards. It's for OSI's pay shards only.
  • If you already have an UO client, and you used it for the old Paradise Found ( I strongly suggest you to uninstall it fully and reinstall it from the installer downloaded by the link provided above. Otherwise you can have Windows Registry Issues under the form of "Unsuitable Cliloc" messages. (it can be resolved but it requires you to have some knowledge of regedit)
  • If you have already an UO client because you play in another shard which requires a client version different than the latest patch possible and so you need another client, it's much complicated but doable. Read the Forum post here. Cormac tries to keep this updated with the current requirement's He can be contacted by clicking the icons for ICQ or Yahoo under his name on the left side of the page .

Step 2

Run the UO client till latest patch available: 7.0.50 (if you had already installed the custom hue file, please replace it with the original hue file, otherwise the client won't patch). For more info on the latest Server Upgrade read this Forum Post.

Step 3: Install Razor

Step 4: Install the hues.mul

Go to the folder where you installed your UO client, make a backup of the file hues.mul and extract there the new, patched hues.mul (link is above) Note: keep your old original hues.mul stored somewhere safe! Because when there will be the need to patch clients, you must restore the original .mul file, otherwise patching will most likely result in an error.

Step 5

Run Razor. A panel will open. Leave all of options as they are unless you know what you are doing.
Click in Server and put as server name In the field Port, put 2593. Then click Okay (the information on your Razor panel should look like the image below).


Step 6

We are in! the UO client should start. Choose an username and password and have fun in Paradise!

(Info copied from PF Forum post PF Forum post How to get started with Paradise Found by Cormac and HOWTO: Connecting to Paradise Found by Daedalus).

Windows 7

Installing on Windows 7 is similar to the above written, but the location of the files are different.
This is the pathway on your computer if that will make it easier to find. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic.

Note: if you encounter issues with Windows Vista / Windows 7, do the following:

  • rightclick on the Razor shortcut -> Properties
  • go to Compatibility tab
  • Check "Run in Compatibility Mode for" and pick in the list Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • And, to let the Razor Title Bar Display (the one with the counters for reagents etc) to appear in UO window, check Disable Window Composition.

This should be enough. If there are still issues, check also Run as Administrator.

(Info copied from PF Forum post Win 7 setup for PF by Banshee)

Usefull programs and links