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Welcome to the Official Paradise Found UO Wiki

This site is dedicated to players helping players.
We have many unique features which newer players need to know to make their stay in our world much more enjoyable.

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Holiday deco

Halloween deco will begin spawning on October 1st and stop spawning October 30th.
Thanksgiving deco will begin spawning on November 1st and end on Black friday.
Then comes Christmas, December 1st through 26th.
Good luck and happy holiday decoing!

September Login Event

There will be a September Login Event on the 18th of September starting at 11:00 AM server time. The prizes will be on display under the Vesper Tent. See you at the Login!!!
New rules apply. For more information read this Forum post

Favors of Asgard

There's a new adventure by Dart, it's similar to the Favors of Olympus that we did a year ago. This time it's called The Favors of Asgard. This adventure will take place over the next 11 weeks. Each week a new area will open. You will need to collect the God's favor from each area.
You can find this event at the Adventure house. Good luck and have fun. Remember you can do these as a group so bring a friend and share the adventure.
For more information read this Forum post

Valley of Eodon

For our 12th year celebration we have opened our version 1.0 of the Valley of Eodon in TerMur.
Collect six keys from the Tribes living in the valley and drop them into the basket to start the Dragon Turtle Champ. When you kill the Dragon Turtle, it has a chance to spawn tameable Dragon Turtle Hatchlings.
For more information read this Forum post

TeamSpeak server on PF

Paradise Found is pleased to announce the addition of a TeamSpeak server to our venue. You will need to ask in-game for the password. TS is limited to only Paradise people. For more information read this Forum post

New/Old land:'Trampast'

We recently added an old facet. Trampast is as it was long ago. Runic crafted items are the best you can get. No uber items nor uber creature. The way it was many many years ago.

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