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First of all, Welcome to Paradise!!

Paradise Found is different from many other shards, and it can be possible to feel the sensation to be "lost" at the beginning. So why this little guide.

The purpose of this guide is to give to newcomers an orientation for their first steps, and it is not meant to be a "full handbook". You are encouraged to partecipate the community and to ask players and staff about everything!

Starting in Paradise

the [c command

When you first log in, you start in a small closed room.

As your joining in the shard is broadcasted to everyone, you will be filled with welcome messages: they come from the public chat. The first command you have to learn is the [c command to properly use the public chat.
Use "[c say something" to use the public chat. For example [c hello! to say "hello!" in public chat.
If you use [c alone, you will get a gump with a list of people and staff online. That's handy for another command you will learn later, [pm (please refer to User Commands page). Another way of seeing who is online is this page from the old website.

In the room you start you will find a full set of Paradise Leather Armor. Grab some of the items you come across in there too. Then go to the sparkle you see at the top of the stairs to go out of that room. As you walk into the sparkle, you will be transported to Britain Felucca facet. Go to the front of Britain Bank (ask in Public Chat for assistance if you need help getting there).

Note: You are right now in the Felucca facet: unlike many shards, Felucca is the friendly Facet, while Trammel is the hard one in Paradise Found. It is suggested to stay in Felucca until you become stronger, or anyway not to go alone.
Moreover, Paradise Found has other custom Facets you want to learn about, to keep up with people's conversation.

Stand next to the bank and say "bank". You have many items there to get you started such as Gold, an ethereal mount, special Practice Weapons and a tools bag full of tools with 1k uses to get you started on your crafting journeys.

Felucca Britain Bank

Here are some schemes about what surrounds you in front of the Bank of Britain.

  • BB Vendor Stone: here you can buy specific things (Tip: buy a Blessed bag).
  • Donation Boxes: after 1 hour of gameplay you are allowed to open and pick up things veteran people put inside these boxes.
  • Free Treasure Maps: here you can find treasure maps people put here for everyone who wants to do them.
  • Home Showcase: doubleclicking the house will lead you to a spot where you can access all of beautiful houses in Paradise Found.
  • Player's Guide & Trash basket: the first is a guide explaining briefly rules and commands; the second is a portable Trash bin. Grab them, they respawn immediately!
  • New Items Display: this is a portal showing new items and artifacts added in Paradise Found.

  • Rune Marker: put a blank rune inside and open the box: it is now marked for Felucca Britain Bank.
  • "Find House Item" (FindHouseItem): put 250 gold inside the box and type the name of a player, and you will be teleported to his house! No need anymore to mark runes for your friends' homes.
  • Contract Seller: He will give you a contract with a list of foes to kill, for a prize.
  • Forum Stone: to access to the Forums and to the Wiki.

Slightly Southwest of Britain Bank, there is a Guard tower and Britain Gatehouse.
Included the gatehouse is:



In Paradise Found there is no total skillcap so don't think hard about your template - you can reach 120 (with powerscrolls) in everything, and skill gaining ratio is not affected by your total skillpoints! But even fully trained and with best gear available, certain encounters can be still dangerous.

Certain skills are movement based, other target based. What does it mean?

  • Movement based skills, are like the OSI "8x8" but it's called here "5x5": 0.3 skillpoints per 5-tiles area every 5 minutes. This means that, if you want to gain continuosly in these skills, you have to move.
  • Target based skills answer to same rules, but it is not per 5-tiles area, rather "Per target", so you have to change target if you want to raise quickly these skills.

See the full list on Target/Movement based skills here.

For this reason, it is reccomended you to raise fighting skills first, because they are easier to train (they are not movement based nor target based) and will give you some capabilities to hunt in dungeons and get some money for more training. So, open your bank box and grab the "Training Weapons" you find them: they are indestructable although they return really low damage... perfect to train with.

At North of Britain Bank there is Q the Quintessential, at East you will find Jack Of All Trades: these two people will teach almost every skill possible.

When you are ready for your training, head to the portal for the Training Oasis or the gate to the Accelerated Training New Haven.

Inside Training Oasis, go North and hire a Medic (drag 64 gold coins on her for 2 hours of service) then go a little west for Training Cows. Bash them with your training equipment to maximize quickly your fighting skills.

Your First Quest

When you feel yourself ready, go South and follow indications for Foghorn Master Sailor quest. Approach Foghorn, accept the quest: he will give you a quest item. Then, enter the cave. Remember to grab a normal weapon, do not hold a training weapon when entering this cave.

Your mission is to kill abnormal rodents until you will get the prize: a free boat. The boat is important because it's the key to train movement based skills.

While killing, learn to use these two commands on corpses: [ga and [cl:

  • [ga will auto-loot for you gold and every stackable item (reagents, gems, leather etc.) at a price of 10% of the gold of the loot, so get the gold first, then do [ga !
  • [cl will claim the corpse for a platinum coin. Platinum coins are used to buy goodies at a particular Vendor Stone at Lord British's Castle in Felucca Britain, and anyway they are usually bought from other players for 100 gold each. Claiming corpses will help to reduce shard's savings time.

Continue your way back and forth the dungeon until you will get the boat. Voilà, you have completed your first quest!!

What next?

This guide is not meant to tell you everything, so now is up to you, the suggestion is to ask other people as everyone will tell you their experiences and suggestions how to grow up in Paradise.

Just some hints:

Training movement based skills with boat

Sail in Tokuno waters because seas in other facets are not safe! Ask people about the Server Line to understand how to train your skills without obstacolate other players.

Death and resurrecting

As you will approach dungeons (remember to bring a Medic with you!), you will see there are anks here and there (unless you are in Purgatory facet). An important thing to know is, when you die and resurrect, you are immortal for 3 minutes, enough to recover easily your corpse. Remember about the Corpse Retrieval at Britain Gatehouse in case recovering your corpse appears to be difficult.

You can resurrect in various ways:

  • ankhs
  • wandering healers
  • asking help in public/guild/alliance chat

some advanced methods:

  • Spellweaving spell "Gift Of Life"
  • Sacrifice Virtue

if all else fails, use the command [selfres: it will resurrect you with all of your items, at a cost of two times your total skillpoints.

Note: by Tiger
In the rare cases that would not want to stay invincible for the whole 3 minutes (after a fresh resurection), there is a command to get you out of that state.
Although, be SURE you have looted ur own corpse and fully healed (And far from mobs that could attack you right off) before using it.
The command is [unbless: Again, this will make you vulnerable to ALL damage again, so be sure you know what you do
You will also notice that your toolbar, when ressurecting, is not in lower left corner of your screen anymore. To get it to re-appear, type [toolbar.

Most important...

... have fun!

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