Paradise Found Rules

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Players are allowed ONE account and ONE character ONLY.
Creating a second account without permission can result in all account being deleted. Do not give your account information to anyone to use. You are the only person authorized to use your account. Someone using or playing another persons account can result in Both accounts being banned. Seeing one family member logoff and the other logon for a few minutes then off and the first family member signing back on is a sure indication of one person using both accounts. "I just logged on with the other account because I needed something in their house." "I just logged on to water their plants." Excuses such as this are not acceptable.
If someone is going to be away for an extended period of time, let Haazen know so the account will not go inactive and be deleted. There is NO acceptable reason for someone logging on to another players account.

If more than one account is needed for a single IP / household, you must contact Admin to create the additional account.


You may place housing here with the housing tool provided in your bankbox. Either custom or old style housing is available.
Housing placement is permitted where ever you are able to place it with the following limits:

  • Houses should not be placed within 20 tiles of any other house.
  • Houses are allowed to have a yard area of 10 tiles in all directions of the house foundation and placing a house close to another house takes away that space from other players. With all facets open, there is room for thousands of house in Paradise so this 20 tile limitation should not be an issue.

Player killing / PVP

Non consensual PVP is not allowed here in Paradise. Two players deciding to duel may do so outside of towns. A player deciding to look for another player out in the world to kill is not an acceptable idea. Violators of this rule will be punished.

Guild Player Killing

You may do this as much as you wish... as long as it is not in a town where other players may be enjoying their playing experience.


When out playing, it is requested that you do NOT loot other players corpses unless asked to do so by that player.

Cursing, Complaining, & Uncalled for behavior

This ones pretty simple.... cursing and whining isn't tolerated. If you wish you may sit in your house until you're blue in the face cursing the fates that lagged you to death, etc. You may be rude to the McDonald's girl that didn't add cheese to your burger.
On Paradise Found you will not be permitted to fill a journal with chat messages that are found uncalled for. If you feel the need to spew filth use the private messaging or party systems and only to others that will tolerate such talk.

Paging system/ Problems on shard

Players that find problems or needing help from staff are asked to send PM on chat system. If no staff is on at the time that you need help you may be able to use the " help stuck " option if other players can't help you.
Do NOT page for staff over global chat message. Staff does not see all public chat and may miss your May Day. PM windows are seen easiest.


Paradise is NOT hiring staff members. Players that choose to ask to be staff will tend to wind up in jail. Just a warning. Badmouthing or degrading staff will not be tolerated to any extent. This will result in you finding a new place to play. Your account will be deleted with no discussion.

Player Vendors

You may place a vendor in your house or your player vendors can be placed by staff in the Player Vendor Mall. Rules and information are posted in the room for you to read.


Events are run on the shard for players to participate in. Champion spawns, Harrowers, Scavenger hunts, monster bashes, and many more ideas being worked on. Events are held at different times and days throughout the week so that all players may participate in them. Don't ask for events, they will be run when the staff has time to be there for them when other shard issues won't interrupt them.

Pets / Released Animals

Players are asked to shrink their pets when in town. They are big creatures that may be blocking recall spots or items needed for use by other players. There is not a problem with recalling to town, accessing your bank and then recalling back out in a short time. But be considerate to others. Pick a recall spot that is out of the general busy spot in front of the bank.
The intent of this rule is to not fill the screen with large pets nor block highly used spots from other players. Abandoned pets will be removed.

Healing monsters that your pet is fighting in order to gain stats and KP for your pet will not be tolerated. When caught, your pet stats or KP will be decreased to a value of my discretion. Just don't do it.


Names with alternating caps will be changed when sighted. Players or Pets with offensive names will be changed, Ie- racial, sexually suggestive.

Snooping, Stealing, Offensive behaviors

Snooping, stealing, and other offensive actions to other players within the realm of Paradise Found is not permitted. If you are asked to stop and do not you will be dealt with accordingly.

AFK Macroing

This is an acceptable behavior on Paradise Found for skill gains only, however it is asked that you do not run macros near areas where you may interrupt other players. If you are found to be macroing in a spot where it disrupts others game play you will find your character moved. AFK Macroing for gold or resoure farming is not acceptable at any time.
AFK Macro Gold Farming or Resource Farming may land you in jail or being placed where your macro will not work. If it appears you are running a macro for gold or resource gain, and staff talks to you and there is no answer, action will be taken.
Gold and Resource farming is not fair to other players who work for their gold. A player gaining millions in gold and not even at the keyboard is detriment to the shard economy. AFK training of pets is not allowed.


If you find an exploit, bring it to staff attention immediately. Don't use the exploit for your benefit. What is an exploit? Anything that gives you gain (gold, skill or stat) that is contrary to the intent of the game.
Example: Placing many items on your vendor priced at 100,000,000 causes the daily wages of the vendor to be a negative number. Therefore you don't have to pay the vendor. If you do this, your vendor will be deleted and you will not be allowed another.
Finding an NPC or other items selling something at a gross under cost. So you can buy the items and sell them back at a profit. If you find something that does not seem right that you can gain from is probably an exploit. If it is something you keep a secret for your own gain is probable an exploit. An excuse of "I thought it was supposed to be like that" is not acceptable .

Practical Jokes

Jokes are things that are funny to all players involved. Something you find funny and not found as amusing to others is not a joke. Example: There have been a few players taking MonsterTrapBoxes from events so they can drop monsters in the vendor mall, the newbie dungeon or in another players house. This is not a joke. Some players are taming monsters like drakes or dragons and releasing them in the vendor mall, newbie dungeon or another players house. These things are one sided funny and not allowed.

(Info copied from Forum post by Haazen)