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What is Trampast

(Info copied from PF Forum article by Haazen)

Before Paradise Found started, I played a shard that was basic standard scripts. It was pre-AOS and pre-ML. It was pre-ridable critters.
The best weapons and armor were made by GM players using runic tools and the best resources.
A lich was something to give respect. A dragon was something you actually had to fight. Not just one-hit.
Some monsters required team work to kill. With all this nostalgia out the way.

We are opening a new facet/map. It's name is Trampast as in Trammel of days Past.
I will refer to Trampast as Tramp and our other 9 facets as PF or the World.

  • Here are some of the features or lack as it were:
  • There are no uber monsters. Basic critter scripts only. No Junk Yard Dog or Doom Dragon.
  • There are no uber weapons.
  • There are only Classic houses.
  • There are mounts unlike long ago.
  • No Imbuing.
  • Mirror Images are not uber monster.

Since Trampast is just another facet of PF, the challenge is how to keep Trampast isolated from all the evil uber stuff in the other 9 facets. Here is how it's supposed to work.
Presently, each account has a single character/toon.
Players will be able to create a second character on there account. This second toon will be created in Trampast.
If you delete your first toon and make a new one, it will be created in Felucca start room.
If you delete your second toon and make a new one, it will be created in Trampast New Haven.
I tested this best I could and always ended up with one toon in Trampast and one toon in PF as intended.
The intent is that the two toons can never be in the same world. If there is a bug in this I am sure someone will find it.

I have tested treasure maps and SoS. Seems good.
Mining and crafting and such should be same as PF.

Important things to remember:

Trampast is 99% identical to what we have now in the rest of the world. The very same scripts are used. Therefore you will find loot that has no use in Trampast. Example: Dragon Dust will be on dragons and drakes in Trampast even though there are no evos to use it. Things like this will be sell able (when all are identified)
Trampast is Trammel map but Felucca RuleSet ( below a bit ) So Tramp should act different than Trammel or Felucca. Very little difference but different.

RuleSet for Trampast and Felucca:

  • Anyone can move over anyone else without taking stamina loss
  • Disallow performing beneficial actions on criminals/murderers
  • Disallow performing harmful actions on innocents

I believe all scrolls are available in the normal places. Except in Tramp Mysticism can drop on Ancient, White and Shadow Wyrms.
With all this said there may be many questions not answered. This will be a growing land and have growing pains. My biggest concern is some uber monster or item is spawned that does not belong.
I know tons of things will be discovered as missing and some things that just don't belong.

What I remember about the old days is it was not easy. It took months to find an eight level scroll.
A Dire Wolf made me run. We will not have Players killing newbies.

Will donation store items be available in Trampast?

Any weapon or wearable item, absolutely not. Gold and resources also no.
Powerscrolls, Skill Ball and Luck, yes. Other things need to be thought on.

I believe I am about ready to open this new/old system. If you have questions about stuff I may have forgot, post them please.
If I don't answer does not equate to ignore. I spend most of my time typing in script not so much typing in the forums.
But I will be reading. Keep in mind, making Trampast easier is not my intent. Trampast with simpler armor and simpler weapons and simpler monsters may well be much harder.

Creating your new character

(Info copied from PF Forum article by Damara )
Do you know how UO and many other shards allow you to have five characters per account?
Well, now Paradise Found is going to allow you to create two characters where the second character will belong in Trampast.

After we have reboot at approximately noon server time, to create your new Trampast character, follow these steps:
1. Bring up Razor as you usually do to log in.


2. Click on New in the left corner. Please be extremely careful not to go near Delete!
This would be a tragic error and delete your current, worked up character, all your character's belongings, armor, house, gold, everything. Be Careful!


3. This will provide you with a new screen where you can add your new character's name and set his information.
Please do NOT name it the same as any current character! Doing so will cause me to rename the new character to something else.
4. Once you have everything looking like you want it to look like, click the right arrow to continue into Trampast Paradise.

A little information about Trampast:

Trampast does not have a travel globe. Travel is done by running, riding, sailing, or by moongate.
Moongates do not include a travel menu where you select where you want to go. You step in, and you go somewhere else.
PK/PvP rules for Paradise Found apply to Trampast also. Anyone caught PKing someone else can/most likely will be jailed.
No stealing from other players. Sorry, this may be more of a default UO land, but we just don't play that way here.
There is no uber armor/weapons here. You make what you can, buy what you can, do quests and team up to hunt/kill big mobs for what they have. If you go as a team, decide beforehand who will get what. Staff will not be around to resolve your disputes so decide first. Make your lives easier.
Do not PM staff for assistance. Staff isn't allowed in Trampast and has already been informed there are consequences.
While the mobs in Trampast are normal Felucca strength mobs, since you don't have imbued armor/weapons, and no undead armor or dragonheart armor, the mobs are more deadly.
A sheep can kill a new player in Trampast. A dire wolf is scary. A lich is to be feared and run for your life. No kidding!
You're new, you are nothing more than a gnat to these guys.
Using the Help! Stuck option in game will still keep you in Trampast.
You will have access to public chat to ask questions. Feel free to continue to use it.

More information will be added to this post as we go along. Feel free to comment, add information, ask pertinent questions as you think of them.