Treasure Map Hunting

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Treasure hunting

Treasure hunting is very good way to earn nice amount of gold. Also you can find useful and interesting items in T-maps chests in addition. Once you get any T-map, you need to decode it first. To do it, simply double-click it (or single left click and choose Decode map).
Important Note: use a TMap book to store your T-Maps (crafted with Inscription). Otherwise they will decay in a couple days!

Decoding Treasure Maps

To decode T-map you need to have skill Cartography.

Skill required to decode a map
Level Name of Map Req. skill
1 Plainly Drawn 0
2 Expertly Drawn 41
3 Adeptly Drawn 51
4 Cleverly Drawn 61
5 Deviously Drawn 78
6 Ingeniously Drawn 96

Locating Map Location

Once you have decode T-map, you can see treasure spot marked by the red pin. Now you need to know where this spot is in the world. The simplest way is using treasure maps archive. You can find them on many webs. There are great T-maps archives on Stratics and Tower of Roses.
To get to the spot where treasure is, use Runebooks in Rune Library in Moonglow.
There is also an archive specifically made for the custom Paradise Maps.
However there is a second library with only T-Map locations and custom T-Map locations for this database (directions are on the website).

On the same website in the Downloads Section there are usefull downloads available for locating treasure maps.
The first helpful item is a little program that helps you locate the treasure map coordinates and map number so you don't need to check other websites (Stratics and Tower of Roses) to get this information if you don't want to. This is called the UO Treasure Hunting tool (UOTH) and it gives you a whole lot nicer way to see where your locations are and much easier to manipulate than the websites are.
Second is a file created by Haazen, and edited by Alkarym Moro.
The Treasure.MAP file has the locations of the coordinates of all the known and documented OSI and custom maps so you can look on your UOAM map and see the little dots showing the treasure locations.
OSI maps labeled 0-200, and custom maps labeled CUSTom-xx (xx being the number in the custom rune books)
Lastly is the Installation files, and setup instruction for UO Auto Map, including the Treasure.Map file.

Digging for Treasure

Next useful skill for finding treasure is Mining. The higher your mining skill, the larger your dig radius. Here's how mining interacts treasure digging.

  • 0 to 50.9 mining: You can dig from 1 tile away from the treasure chest
  • 51.0 to 80.9 mining: You can dig from 2 tiles away from the treasure chest
  • 81.0 to 99.9 mining: You can dig from 3 tiles away from the treasure chest
  • + 100 mining: You can dig from 4 tiles away from the treasure chest

When digging you can get following messages:

  • "You dig and dig, but do not find any treasure." Meaning the treasure is not there.
  • "You dig and dig, but no treasure seems to be here." Meaning you are close to the treasure, but not close enough to dig it up.
  • "You stop digging because something is directly on top of the treasure chest." Have the person, animal or monster move away from that spot and dig again.
  • "You seems to be in the right place, but may be on the wrong facet!" You are trying to dig treasure in wrong facet.
  • There seems to be no message for success, but you will hear the sound, start swinging at the spot and then see the dirt patch appear with the treasure chest rising from it.


When treasure chest appear, 4 creatures will spawn (except chest 1st level). Table below shows what creatures you can expect. Creatures are spawned also when you remove items from chest.

Creatures Spawned during looting of chest
Map level Name of map Creatures spawned
1 Plainly Drawn Mongbats, Ratmen, Headless Ones, Skeletons, Zombies
2 Expertly Drawn Orc Mages, Gargoyles, Gazers, Hellhounds, Earth Elementals
3 Adeptly Drawn Liches, Ogre Lords, Dread Spiders, Air Elementals, Fire Elementals
4 Cleverly Drawn Dread Spiders, Lich Lords, Daemons, Elder Gazers, Ogre Lords
5 Deviously Drawn Lich Lords, Daemons, Elder Gazers, Poison Elementals, Blood Elementals
6 Ingeniously Drawn Ancient Wyrm, Balron, Blood Elemental, Poison Elemental, Titan

Opening the Chest

There are two parts two opening a treasure chest.
The first is:

Unlocking the Chest

There are two skills that are useful for opening a treasure chest once it's been dug up, Lockpicking and Magery.

Requirements to open treasure chest
Map level Name of map Lockpicking Magery
1 Plainly Drawn 36.0 0
2 Expertly Drawn 76.0 50.0
3 Adeptly Drawn 84.0 100.0
4 Cleverly Drawn 92.0 no effect
5 Deviously Drawn 100.0 no effect
6 Ingeniously Drawn 100.0 no effect

After digging up a chest, dealing with the monsters that spawned with it, and unlocking it there is still one last thing to worry about.
This is the second step to opening the chest:

Dealing with the Trap

No of course you can just double click the chest to set the trap off, but not everyone will want to deal with the damage or poison right before looting the chest and spawning more monsters.
You have 2 options here, an easy way, and a hard (but more impressive) way.
The easy way is to cast Telekinesis (Magery) on the chest from 4 or more squares away. This triggers the trap and you can then safely open the chest. The harder way involves use of the Detect Hidden and Remove Trap skill. It is not necessary to use Detect Hidden on the chest to find the trap, but you do need at least 50 Detect in order to use the Remove Trap skill to remove the trap.
Note: there is no guarantee that the Remove Trap skill will be successful. Using Telekinesis will always work, as long as you don't stand too close to the chest

Looting the Chest

In the chest you will find a lot of items, including gold (1000 x level of treasure), a Blackbeard's Grog (required for Teague's Mystical Lantern quest), tons of reagents and scrolls, gems, equipment and, sometimes, some special items. On level 6 maps you will always find one of the Traditional Minor Artifacts.

Special items, especially in high-end chests, may include skillballs, colored leather, runic sewing kits, powerscrolls, Star tiles and special deco items.

Weapons and armor do have a high chance to bear pre-AOS mods, which are revealed with Item Identification, so it's a good idea to loot them for some extra gold.

The [ga command will work on this chest, although you are discouraged to use it on level 6 maps especially if in Trammel Facet.

Please notice every creature spawned will carry the etching Summoned by (Player Name): you are called to clean the spawn coming from the chest. Looting and running away without cleaning the spawn will put other players in danger and can result in punitive actions by staff.

Once you have done looting, it's good manner to click once on the chest and then choose Remove Chest to remove the chest from the world.