Valley of Eodon

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(Wiki page under construction atm.)

Te Valley of Eodon is a facet opened at the our 12th year celebration.
Please keep in mind, much of how things work in the valley are Haazen's idea of what he has read.
There will be many changes in the near future. For now we hope you find it a nasty place and not too easy.

(Info copied from forum post by Haazen)

How to get to the Valley of Eodon

To go to the Valley of Eodon you can use the World Of Paradise (every city has one).
Double click it, choose "Special Paradise" on the menu > choose "Eodon Valley".

Dragon Turtle Champ

There are six Tribes living in the valley. Each of the tribe Chiefs has a Turtle Champ spawn key. The keys will decay. So don't lollygag.
Collect the six keys and drop them into the basket to start the Dragon Turtle Champ. You can double click the basket to see which keys have been dropped so far.

When you kill the Dragon Turtle, it has a chance to spawn zero to three Dragon Turtle Hatchlings. These are tamable at 104.7 taming skill. These little critters are comparable to a Greater Dragon in strength and such.

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