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There are a lot of various ways to help Paradise Found. Here's some samples:


Voting for Paradise Found in Toplist shards is fundamental to get popularity hence more people willingly to visit us. Among them can be good people, players and contributors!
So, if you like our shard, please vote for us!

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Paradise Store

Haazen is hosting Paradise Found from many years. Although he wants to give to everyone a free place to people where to have fun, expenses for server maintenance can't be trascurated. Donating for Paradise by buying something in the Paradise Store, will encourage Haazen in continue in the hard work he puts in the shard management including coding time.

The Paradise Store is accessible also in game from the white Web Stone in the Donation Store Display at Nujel'm.

In the Store you may find several items at each donation (price) range - from $5.00 to $20.00 (US). By purchasing one of these items, you are helping to offset the costs to keep Paradise Found running, and incidentally, obtaining some very nice things not available in regular gameplay, or extremely difficult to obtain.